Sheep Milk Café

Looking for things to do in Invercargill?
Blue River’s Sheep Milk Café is open to the public Monday – Thursday 10am til 2pm Friday 10am – 4pm and Saturday 10am-12pm.

At our Cafe you can enjoy free sheep milk cheese tasting, a chance to try the best Cheese Roll in Southland, great deals on our cheese.

We’re proud to be one of Southland’s favourite attractions; whether you’re a local, a visiting ‘foodie’ seeking local produce or just interested in the sheep dairying industry, you’ll have a truly unique and interesting culinary experience in Invercargill’s Sheep Milk Cafe.

CheesePicNext time you’re wondering what to do in Invercargill, visit the must-see sheep milk cafe.

 Where to go:

111 Nith Street, Invercargill

Phone: 03 2115150 ext. 213