Nestled in Invercargill, New Zealand’s southern most city, Blue River Dairy is a world class nutritional formula manufacturer. Established in 2003, we’ve grown from creating award winning sheep milk cheeses into a global leader in nutritional formula production and exporting. A proven pioneer in the industry, Blue River Dairy developed the world’s first sheep milk infant formula using exclusively sheep milk protein and today is the only plant in the world manufacturing nutritional formulas using milks from three different species—sheep, goat and cow.

Blue River Dairy’s innovative team are focused on quality, nutrition and compliance. Our strictly controlled production process begins with rigorous testing to select only the highest quality ingredients from New Zealand and around the world. Our processing environment is carefully controlled to ensure every can exceeds some of the highest compliance standards in the world. Infant Formula is only released to export after being thoroughly tested to the high standards demanded by the New Zealand and China market Authorities and our customers.

At Blue River Dairy, we’re changing the face of New Zealand Dairy. We recognise that every baby has different nutritional and digestive needs, and we strive to provide more nutritional choices for your baby’s happy and healthy development.