Blue River Dairy makes Fast 50 Index

Blue River Dairy makes Fast 50 Index

Media release 29 September 2017


Blue River Dairy was yesterday confirmed as one of New Zealand’s fastest growing businesses. At Deloitte’s Fast 50 regional event in Dunedin last night, Blue River was named the Fastest Growing Agribusiness and Fastest growing Exporter in the Dunedin and Lower South region.

The national ranking of each business on the Fast 50 index will be revealed at Deloitte’s Festival of Growth in Auckland on 9 November 2017.

Blue River began as a pioneering sheep milk company and has evolved into an export-focused infant nutrition business. Blue River continues to stand out for their niche sheep milk infant formula range, and have also increased throughput at the plant by introducing premium goat and cow milk based formula ranges in 2017. The strategy of providing choice has resonated well with customers and aligns with changing regulations in China, where each infant formula manufacturer will be limited to three brands from January 2018.

General Manager Robert Boekhout commented, “We’re proud of the outstanding growth we have achieved. Every baby is different and our customers have told us they want a choice of protein source. We’ve listened and helped thousands of parents find the right formulation for their babies’ digestive and nutritional needs. We couldn’t have kept up with the growing demand, without the tremendous effort of our talented team in Invercargill or the vision and unwavering belief of our chairman Yuanrong Chen.

What’s really exciting is that we’re only just getting started.”


To find out more please contact:

Gareth Lyness – Marketing & Supply Chain Manager

021 779 419

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