Blue River Dairy LP Gains CFDA Registration across Three Brands of Infant Formula

2 October 2017
Media Release


All infant formula manufacturers must register their brands and recipes with The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) in order to import their products into China beyond 1 January 2018, as the agency seeks to tighten market controls.
Applicants must demonstrate through a rigorous process that they adhere to strict standards throughout the supply chain to market quality and nutritious formulations. Each plant is limited to supplying a maximum of three registered brands, with each required to be significantly different.
Blue River Dairy LP’s Invercargill factory is the only plant in the world manufacturing three brands of formula with each using milk from three different species; sheep, goat and cow. Each range includes three recipes; Infant formula for 0-6 months, Follow on Formula for 6-12 months and Growing up Formula for 12-36 months. The strategy has proved successful with all three brands and all nine recipes officially gaining CFDA registration late Friday, 29 September (China Time).
The Blue River Sheep Milk infant formula range was launched in September 2015, and has carved out a growing niche with sheep milk sought after for its digestibility and nutritional profile. Blue River Dairy launched its premium cow milk based Mualps range in January 2017, swiftly followed by their Spring goat range in February 2017 providing parents more choice and launching the company on a period of rapid growth.
Blue River’s General Manager Robert Boekhout commented, “We are immensely proud of successfully registering not one, but three brands. Friday’s announcement represents the culmination of months of hard work by our team here as well as in China. It has been an arduous but welcome process which now provides opportunities for continuing growth. Unlike many of our competitors, we have retained all of our brands and are in a stronger position in market as a result of these regulations. This announcement bodes very well for Blue River Dairy.



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Gareth Lyness
Marketing & Supply Chain Manager

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