2018 New Year Greetings Official Launching of Blue River “Spring Plan”

Dear Blue Riverers,

Happy Lunar New Year! At this happy moment, Blue River firstly wishes all the babies around the world grow up happily and healthily. Meanwhile, we’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the friends from all walks of life that show concern for and support the development of Blue River. And we want to extend our best wishes to our colleagues and their family members in China, New Zealand and Italy. At the same time, we also pray for the goat, sheep and cow on Southland pasture in New Zealand and Sardinia pasture in Italy and wish them live freely and happily, and produce more premium milk! We must guarantee the safety, good quality and nutrition of our babies’ “ration” and put it as the ultimate goal of the company.

Blue River is an innovative and entrepreneurial dairy company, which actively practices China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. In 2015 and 2016, we have acquired overseas factories one after another: Blue River in New Zealand and Alimenta in Italy, having achieved the strategic layout that Chinese enterprise controls the global sheep milk source and sheep whey protein core resources. In 2017, we dedicated to sales and marketing and achieved 2000mt sales in volume, successfully reaching the first year target of the “5-year 5-billion “development strategy. Nowadays, Blue River has become the leader in integrating goat and sheep milk resources in the world and created a new competitive pattern of sheep milk, goat milk and cow milk in infant formula market.

In 2018, as China ushers in a new era of better life, many new changes and new trends will appear in the maternal and infant industry, and the new retail of new era and better life (the new retail) is around the corner.

The new retail reflects firstly in nutrition upgrade and category replacement. Goat and sheep milk products will continue gaining double-digit growth, and category competition will become the market mainstream.

The promulgation and implementation of the new national formula standard will bring profound impact in promoting the development of the industry and the upgrading of nutrition and formula. Then a new wave-riding market is to come into being.

The new retail will reshape the people, goods, sales scenes in maternal and infant stores. Social interaction, empowering and efficiency are the core of the new retail.

Therefore, in 2018, the trend of nutrition and formula upgrade, category and brand replacement is irreversible. The “spring” of goat and sheep milk has come. The new national standard, the new formula and new retail will create new wave-riding market and products. Enterprises with multi-category, multi-brand, new formulas and new partnership empowering mode will be the first to obtain the market dividend in the new era.

A year’s plan starts with spring. In 2018, Blue River will promote healthy development of goat and sheep milk market and expand its market share through capital strength, scientific research and the power of partnership empowering.

He who wants to be strong must unite others. At this time of renewal, Blue River officially launches 2018 “Spring Plan” and fully implements company partnership policy. With the cultural concept and management mechanism of partnership empowering, co-existence, co-prosperity and mutual share, we want to make Blue River’s 5-year 5-billion strategy a shared vision and mission of all the partners.

Blue River’s partners include external business partners and internal company employee partners. Internal company employee partners come from different roles at the management team from pasture to table in the whole industrial chain; external business partners refer to suppliers and distributors and other external partners.

We are building South Island Infant formula factory in New Zealand and Alimenta infant formula factory in Italy. Correspondingly, the sales company of South Island and Alimenta have been established in China. Now, we start to fully implement the company partnership policy. With this policy, once an employee becomes an internal partner, who then enjoys a certain percentage of profit bonus coming from 15% of the sales company’s annual profit. And once a supplier or a distributor for example becomes an external partner, who then enjoys a certain percentage of profit bonus coming from 40% of the joint partnership unit’s annual profit. Blue River has developed the detailed mechanism of the partnership, with which the company’s development is closely linked with internal and external partners. In Blue River, the bigger your dream is, the wider your stage will become!

Having developed wave-riding products through capital strength, resource advantage and scientific research support of nutrition scientist and experts from New Zealand, Italy and China and created the partnership empowering mode, in 2018, Blue River wants to recruit internal and external partners from all around the world who agree with Blue River’s development and management ideas and harbor the dreams to join Blue River “Spring Plan”. To start a business in the maternal and infant industry is no longer difficult. By the end of 2018, Blue River will hold a grand “Partner entrepreneurs conference”, where all the partners will gather together to celebrate the harvest. Blue River is looking forward to your participation!

2018, Join us as a partner!

Thank you for your strong support, and wish you a happy New Year and all the best!

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