Our Story

Located in Invercargill, New Zealand, Blue River Dairy is the southern-most Infant Formula manufacturer in the world. Established in 2003, Blue River Dairy started its life when names such as Monowai, Blackmount and Tussock Creek were places pretty much only the locals knew of. By 2013, Blue River’s award winning cheeses were making those places household names. Blue River Dairy had created a niche market that Southland was proud of.

In February 2015, Blue River Dairy’s potential was recognised internationally when it was purchased by the Chen family from Changsha, China. The partnership flourished and by September 2015, Blue River had proven itself to be a pioneer, becoming the first manufacturing plant in the world to export sheep milk infant formula.

By 2016, the demand for sheep milk formulations was on the rise and Blue River set its sight on Sardinia, the world’s largest sheep whey producers. Blue River Dairy’s sister company, Alimenta, based in Sardinia, provided access to this supply, ensuring that Blue River’s ingredients and nutritional products would be selected from the world’s highest quality ingredients.

Premium ranges of infant formula using first cow, and then goat milk were launched at the beginning of 2017. Blue River Dairy was once again acknowledged as a world leader in its industry by becoming the first and only plant in the world to manufacture nutritional formulas for infants and toddlers using milks from three different species – sheep, cow and goat.

At Blue River, we continue to be unique, and strive to provide our customers with more nutritional choices for their babies. By 2019, our new state of the art manufacturing plant adjacent to our current Invercargill site will be commissioned, providing our customers with even more choice.

Blue River Dairy is an export success story recognised throughout New Zealand. With humble Southland beginnings, we are growing into a global business and changing the face of New Zealand Dairy.