Milk Powder

Sheep Milk Powder

Blue River Dairy is proud to introduce NZ Sheep Milk Company Whole Sheep Milk powder to their family of brands. Made using only the purest sheep milk sourced from Blue River owned farms.NZ-Sheep-Milk-Can-2mb

Sheep milk is extremely nutritious, it’s gentle on the digestive system and contains nearly double (and in some cases more than double) the amount of solids found in either goat’s or cow’s milk. It’s a nourishing drink that’s full of energy, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Containing no additives or preservatives, the natural, sweet, fresh taste of the sheep milk is exactly that; pure.

It’s not only the flavour of the sheep milk that’s unique – people with dairy intolerance’s frequently find sheep milk is a tasty alternative to cow milk. Dairy intolerant consumers can drink sheep milk successfully because it contains higher levels of natural medium chain fatty acids (MCT), which aids in the absorption of lactose. MCT also limits and/or inhibits cholestrol deposits.

SHEEP MILK v Cow & Goat Milk

Sheep Milk nutritionally out-performs goat and cow’s milk in almost all areas:

  • 44% more Energy than cow’s milk
  • 45% more Protein than cow’s milk
  • 50% more iron than cow or goat’s milk
  • 38% more Calcium
  • 90% more Folic Acid than goat’s milk (similar levels in cow’s milk)
  • 50% more Vitamin B12 than cow’s milk

Our 400g can makes 3L of milk when reconstituted. Each serving is 25g powder to 150ml of boiled water.

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-Higher levels of key vitamins A,D,E &C than both cow & goat’s milk
Source: Kon Cowie, 1961; Posati and Orr, 1976; Alichanidis and Polychroniadou, 1996 regarding LACTOSE/lactose intolerant

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