award winning New Zealand feta

Tussock Creek Feta

Inspiration for Blue River Tussock Creek Feta is taken from the Greeks and made the traditional way using only the purest fresh sheep milk. Feta cheese is classified as soft cheese. Blue River Tussock Creek Feta is left to mature in brine for between 6-12 months. This develops a mild, softer, creamier cheese that is less salty with fewer holes. A unique and authentic taste that can only be produced from sheep milk cheese.

Blue River Tussock Creek is a regular gold medal winner at the New Zealand Champions of Cheese Awards showcasing the extraordinary diversity and superb quality of Blue River cheeses.

WINE RECOMMENDATION: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer or Reisling

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sheep milk feta

Vintage Feta

The word feta is derived from the Italian word “fette” which means a slice of food. The cheesemaker selects batches of Blue River Tussock Creek Feta and matures this for a further 12 months. The result is an aged feta cheese. A rich, creamy and crumbly feta cheese. The flavour profile is more zesty and full flavoured; both rich and tangy. While sharper than Tussock Creek Feta, our fetas are less salty than most commercial varieties allowing the sweet flavour of the sheep milk to shine through.

While Tussock Creek is your classic mild, creamy and soft style cheese perfect for a cheese board. Vintage feta is for the real feta lovers with its more intense flavour ideal for livening up a gourmet dish.

WINE RECOMMENDATION: Merlot or Cabernet Merlot

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pecorino sheep cheese

Curio Bay Pecorino

Curio bay pecorino was awarded 2016 silver (outright second) in the ‘Best New Zealand Cheese’ category at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, England (the world’s largest cheese awards).
While Blue River take their inspiration from Italy, Curio Bay Pecorino from New Zealand certainly has its own distinctive style. Pecorino is the name of a family of hard rinded Italian cheeses made from ewe’s milk, the word derives from pecora meaning ‘sheep’. Using on the purest milk available, it’s ideal for cheese making. Although found traditionally as a hard rinded sheep cheese, Blue River Curio Bay Pecorino is a fresher style sheep milk cheese with a creamy, soft, white texture. Aged for between 5-12 months the cheese develops a subtle nutty flavour, that as it is further matured the flavour becomes more complex and stronger.

WINE RECOMMENDATION: Chardonnay or Pinot Noir
BEER RECOMMENDATION: Amber ale or porter

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Sheep milk halloumi

Monowai Halloumi

Halloumi is traditionally made from sheep milk, originating from Cyprus. Blue River Monowai Halloumi is made using only the purest sheep milk sourced from Southland farms. Mint is added to the recipe to add extra flavour and character. Halloumi is set with rennet and is unusual in that no acid or acid producing bacterium is used in its preparation. The cheese is white, with a distinctive layered texture, similar to mozzarella.

Halloumi cheese has a higher melting point than other cheeses which makes it extremely suitable for grilling and frying. Made from 100% sheep milk you will notice the difference with Monowai Halloumi – thick cuts will hold their shape forming a golden brown crust contrasting a deliciously soft centre – it will not spread out in the pan like imitation halloumi made from cow milk. If cooked accordingly real sheep milk halloumi should not squeak.



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best 100% sheep milk cheese

Blackmount Cheddar

Blackmount Cheddar was awarded the 2016 silver (outright second) in the Best 100% Sheep Milk Cheese category at the international cheese awards in Nantwich, England (the world’s largest cheese awards). As with all Blue River Cheeses, a traditional cheese making technique is used to produce Blackmount Cheddar. Made using only the purest fresh sheep milk, Blue River Blackmount Cheddar is matured for approximately 12-18 months, allowing the cheese to develop a dry, firm and flaky texture, almost free of holes. The flavour profile is rich, tangy, nutty. A regular gold medal winning cheddar cheese that stands up against any other cheddar cheeses on the market. Don’t underestimate the pale yellow colour of this sheep cheddar which is a full take on the traditional favourite.


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